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Question & Answers

It’s effortless and the same as renting a car. All you have to do is contact us by phone or book on our website. You need to indicate the date of the pick-up and the time. Make sure you also include how much time you’ll be needing the Ali Excecutive as they charge per hour.

You don’t need to worry about confirming with the driver. Once we receive the required information from your end plus confirmation, we will personally contact our Ali Excecutives and provide them with the details. You’ll receive confirmation from us.

Contacting the company’s customer hotline will help you track how much time your driver needs to arrive at your location or if you have any other concerns.

There hasn’t been a record of professional Ali Executive’s Chauffeur Services Dubai not arriving on time to the location you’ve requested. However, you could always contact the company’s customer hotline for assistance.
If anything happened that might affect your scheduled request, we would manage it and inform you of any rescheduling if needed.

Canceling your Ali Executive’s Chauffeur Services ride can be done by simply contacting the company and informing them 48 hours prior to the scheduled trip. Doing so won’t result in any extra charges. However, canceling the scheduled appointment will not be refunded; instead, you can use your booking within the next 3 months.

Our trips are usually offered for a maximum of 8 hours at a fixed charge price. Of course, below that prices will be cheaper. On the other hand, if you require rides for more than 8 hours, extra charges will be added.

You can go wherever you wish within the boundaries of the UAE. However, you must know that some charges may differ according to the location and destination.

Enjoying a thrilling adventure and gathering your gang for a party is something you can hire a Ali Executive’s Chauffeur Services for. Keep in mind that there’s no alcohol allowed during the trip.

Booking your very own professional driver will come with complimentary water inside the vehicle and, of course, a relaxing drive of the century. Other requirements require extra charges according to the customer’s request.

Other than the professional driver and complimentary water in the vehicle, customers must pay extra for any additional requirements.

Our company only accepts full payment in advance through a payment link provided during the booking process.

Our timing schedule is based on your requirements. We will provide you with a Ali Executive’s Chauffeur Services Dubai at absolutely anytime you need.